We provide a wide range of Billiard and Pool Table repair, restoration and service work including:

• Pool Table - Recovering              
  Recover Rails brought into Store     
• Pool Table - Install                    
• Pool Table - Moves                    
          In House Moves                 
          Into Storage Moves            
• Pool Table - Re-Level From Feet     
• Pool Table - Maintenance            Per Agreement
• Pool Table - Tear Downs             
• Crating of slate for movers          
• Tear down and Crating of slate for movers 
• Tear down for movers          
   On-site Service Call - 1st Hour      $95.00
                      Additional Hours       $75.00

          These Items are Priced per Job
• Rail Cap Replacement or Repair          
• Restoration of Older and Antique Tables
• Replacement Parts 
  Sewing of new Pockets on your irons
  Replacement of Rail Sights
  Replacement of Rail Liners
  Making of Replacement Rails
  Making or Replacement Legs
  Slate Repair

*Service rate is $95 per hour with a 1 hour minimum

*All prices subject to possible trip Charges

*Free work estimates 

IMPORTANT: DO NOT MOVE A STILL ASSEMEBLED TABLE! massive damage to the wood, slate, and hardware WILL occur. mantinceand service charges will corrispond with the amout of EXTRA work to deal with negligence of a pool table.
D.L. Schwarz, Inc.
Master Billiard Restorer
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